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3 Band Set. Sculpt and tone your entire body with these long fabric resistance body bands!


Perfect for full-body at-home workouts, stretching, pull-up assistance, functional training, physical therapy,  and more. No other equipment is needed.


  • Extra Durable Fabric 
  • One Size Three Resistance Levels 
  • Soft and Comfortable 
  • Non-Slip Grip 


Light Grey Band - This is the lightest band in resistance. Use this band for your favorite: upper body and core exercises.  


Dark Grey - This band is medium resistance. Use this band for: upper, lower & full body exercises.


Black - This is the heaviest band of the set. Use this band for: upper, lower, full-body exercises and mobility. 

Long Loop Band - Set of 3

    • Wash by hands in cold water 
    • Do not use bleach or fabric softener
    • Rinse thoroughly and dry 
    • Before storage please clean and dry thoroughly
    • Fold neatly
    • Put in a cool and dry place with good ventilation 
  • Domestic US Shipping: 4-7 days

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