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My name is Brittany.


I am a full-time fitness professional; a Strength and Conditioning Coach, a Barre Above Instructor, and certified as a Personal Trainer in SFG I and SFL, and Schwinn Cycling.  Additionally, I hold a Holistic Health Coach certification from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition (IIN).


I have a tremendous passion for empowering women in a shame-free zone to be successful through fitness, self-love, and “swagger.” I believe a workout should be a positive empowering vibe not a chore. #sweatwithswagg 


Growing up as the sole (and youngest) girl in a family full of boys, I developed an athletic competitive edge. As a kid, I participated in many sports and activities; volleyball, basketball, fast-pitch softball, and martial arts. 


After graduating high-school, life became stressful.  I stopped moving and gained weight. 


I decided I wanted to have the "perfect body”! 


Without the proper health guidance, I excessively exercised and deprived myself of food.  Then I decided I wanted to be a competitive “Bikini Bodybuilder.” 


Like most crash/yoyo diets, the amazing physique I acquired did not last.


I developed food intolerances, rapidly gained weight (60 + lb.), and spiraled in an eating disorder which all took me years to recover from. 


Wanting to find answers and heal myself, I became a Personal Trainer and attended the IIN. I applied my new-found knowledge to my life and found happiness with a manageable weight and lifestyle. 

This experience taught me more than any book, seminar, or certification could. I know the daily struggle of not loving yourself, low self-esteem, and searching for happiness in the wrong places.  

I want to share/help anyone who’s beginning or on a weight-loss or body-image journey.

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